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Wedding Dresses
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Quaint Queer Weird


Aberrant Abnormal Anomalous Avant-Garde Bizarre Characteristic Cockeyed Crazy Curious Different Eccentric Erratic Exceptional Exotic
Extraordinary Extravagant Fantastic Far-Out Flaky Freakish Freaky Funky Funny Gauche Idiosyncratic Irregular Kinky Kooky Left-Field Marvellous Mysterious Novel Nutty Odd Oddball Off-The-Wall Offbeat Off-Centre Out-Of-The-Ordinary Outlandish Peculiar
Puzzling Quirky Quizzical Rare Remarkable Singular Strange Uncanny Uncommon Unconventional Uncustomary
Unexpected Unique Unnatural Unorthodox Unusual Wacky Way-Out Whimsical Wild Wonderful